Credit Card with 4% Back on Dining!

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Dining Credit Card

Credit cards are a hot topic when it comes to money hacks. They provide a safety net when purchasing items given it’s not directly out of your bank account, in addition, most credit card companies offer fraud solutions to help back that up. Another benefit of having a credit card is their rewards, including cash back.

Uber Credit Card

How Credit Card Rewards Work

Cashback works as a rebate for the money you spent in a certain category, for example with UBER’s new credit card, you can earn 4% back on restaurant and dining. Spend $25 at your local coffee shop, get one dollar back! For those who like dining out, this card is now one of the best options out there!

uber cash back areas

The card does offer 2% back on purchases online including sites like Amazon and Walmart. This also is a competitor in that arena.

There is also a one time bonus of $100 after you spend $500 during the first three months of use. This is almost free money if you put your cable and/or other important expenses on the card.

If you’re curious on the company behind the credit card partnership, it’s Barclaycard. The same company that we’ve written about.

Apply for the UBER Credit Card starting November 2nd today. Approval does depend on your credit score amongst other factors.

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