Afraid of UBER Driving Commitment? Do This and Be Worry Free

Most people think that signing up for things means you have actually to use it.  That’s not true in most cases.  Ever test drive a car out of a dealer’s lot?  Doesn’t mean you’ll buy the car, but it gives you an idea of what that experience will be like.  Same things go for money-making plans.  UBER is one of the more popular side hustle businesses you can do in today’s world.  Set your hours, drive people (or food) around and earn cash.  The company always innovates by adding new user options making it the more popular choice when it comes to getting around by car sharing.

Want to be an UBER Driver?

Chances are if you ever thought of earning some side money, UBER has crossed your mind.  Reason being, it’s so darn simple to sign up!  If you have a clean record, amongst other qualifications, all you have to do is be approved, and you are on the road helping people and food be delivered to their prospective locations.

Always Fasten Seatbelt

Always Fasten Your Seat Belt

Do THIS and Give Yourself the Actual Option of Becoming and UBER Driver

Valid Drivers of UBER:

  1. You must be at least 21 years old.
  2. Have access to a 4-door car, model year 2007 or newer
  3. In-state auto insurance with your name on the policy.
  4. In-state driver license.
  5. Licensed in the US for at least one year, or three years if you’re under 23.

If you meet the qualifications above, like many of us do, you’ll be able to sign up.  The one thing that’ll get the ball rolling is this:  Uploading Your Driver’s License

By doing this, you’ll save time waiting for the approval process and be ready to drive in no time.  If you are eager to drive or make fast cash and aren’t an active UBER Driver, you may find that being approved is the one thing stopping you from continuing that.  Of course, uploading a license is of no risk to you.  You can switch your account active or inactive when you are approved, however, and this can be genuinely beneficial.

Do THIS and Give Yourself the Actual Option of Becoming and UBER EATS Driver

Pizza is in the over

So you want to deliver food instead of people.  Can’t blame you!  By signing up to UBER EATS you’ll be able to provide food whenever you feel like quickly.  The qualifications are similar except you can deliver by scooter.  You’ll still need insurance and to upload your license (see what we mean).  Another benefit of EATS is that you can be 19 or older instead of 21.

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