The Cashback Dad vs Rakuten, TopCashback, GivingAssistant, and Mr. Rebates

Are you already a savvy shopper who knows about cashback?  Do you frequent Ebates/Rakuten or other sites and are seeking a better option?

Here’s why The Cashback Dad is a better option than other bigger cashback sites.

Cashback Rates

We offer competitive cashback rates that beat out our competitors.   Don’t believe us?  Check out the cashback rate for Casper Mattresses:

  • The Cashback Dad offers 3% Cashback
  • Ebates offers 1% Cashback

We accomplish better rates because, well, we’re smaller…much smaller.  Because we operate a smaller business, we can increase our cashback rates that would normally go to employees of the company and would go directly into your pocket!

Ebates/Rakuten: 14,800 Employees

*Rakuten owns several large companies and Ebates is under their portfolio

TopCashback:  20-30 Employees

Giving Assistant: 25-30 Employees

Store Selection

Looks can be deceiving on this portion of our site.  We’re always looking to add stores to show off on our platform, however there are hundreds of stores that offer cashback that we don’t advertise directly.  We do this so you don’t get overloaded with the amount of stores available.  Simply put, if you want to get cashback on an online store let us know!




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