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Famous in the Northeastern area just outside of Philadelphia, Wawa was a place where you could buy coffee, pretzels, and sandwiches at an affordable price. For those unfamiliar, Wawa is a convenience shop that offers superior alternatives to what you would typically get at a convenience store (or Bodega shop).  From their highly famous sandwiches to their wide variety of soft drinks that you probably never heard of, Wawa is sure to be worth at least a single visit.  Below you’ll find what most people choose to eat on Wawa’s menu and why!

“Where Can I Find a Wawa Near Me?”

First, you’ll want to find the near Wawa Locations.  There are only several geographical areas that Wawa has been introduced to.  Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and now Florida.  Florida seems a bit out of place, but considering how many people move there from the Northeastern US Region, it makes sense to have that familiarity in their new home state.

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Hoagies (Subs, or Sandwiches) – Menu Ranking #1

Depending on your region, Hoagies may be an unfamiliar term.  But, in the Northeast Hoagies are the main word used for Submarine-type Sandwiches.  At Wawa, you’ll find a competitor to the Publix sub should you live in Florida, and if you are in the Northeast, it’s a decent choice for quick lunch.  Ordering from Wawa is unique, you can order from your Wawa Rewards App, or order in-store using the customization computer just in front of the Hoagie Making area.  Enter in your favorite ingredients, submit, and give it about a minute or two and your sandwich will be ready!

Wawa Sub Computer

Breakfast – Menu Ranking #2

Though not a gourmet place to dine, Wawa offers a pretty decent array of breakfast selections.  Coffee, being once choice from different flavors like seasonal Pumpkin, your regular Bold and Light roast coffees.  They’ll also be several espresso drinks like Macchiatos, Lattes, and Cappuccinos.  Food-wise, there are the breakfast sandwiches like Bacon Egg and Cheese on a Croissant, just to name one.  Depending on your location you may find specialty baked items like Muffins for example.

Soups and Salads – Menu Ranking #3

As we mentioned before Wawa is a good place for lunch!  The soups and salad selection is also fair and made on a daily basis.  Many locations vary when it comes to what soup is available for that day, so be sure to check their menu via the App to see what is available!

Ice Cream – Menu Ranking #4

Because you are dealing with a store originating in the North Eastern region, you’ll find that Ice Cream can be good here.  The North Eastern area, mainly the Penn State University has offered their version of Ice Cream school.

Iced Tea – Menu Ranking #5

A forgotten drink, the Iced Tea can be a refreshing choice for those who are on the road or just want to sip on something sweet.  Wawa prides themselves on a selection of Iced Teas and Lemonade sure to impress the most prominent skeptic.

Iced Tea Wawa

For those interested, Wawa hosts their rewards program, so if you shop at the nearest Wawa store for Gas or Convenience, take advantage of your loyalty and earn some points!

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