Ways to Find Your Credit Score for Free

Having a good credit score today will help you finance many things including housing and finding out your credit score is getting easier with several apps allowing you to find out without too much of a hassle quickly.  One major thing you have to sacrifice?

Your Social Security Number

Social Security Number

Your social security number is required for so many things when it comes to financing when you apply for a credit card, mortgage loan, medical bills, car payments, and many many more.  With news of a social security leak, many people are afraid of placing their numbers on untrusted areas.   Leaked Social Security numbers can be used as identity fraud to rack up unwarranted loans and bills for the real person.  Most banks and financial institutions are now increasing their workforce in their fraud departments to not only detect potential cases but to protect their clients as well!  This should not deter you from finding out your credit score or applying to secured financial products that will end up benefitting you and your family.

Relax Mastercard

Free Credit Scores!

Finding out your credit score is essential to where you stand in the world of creditors.  For decision makers, a score is one of the significant signs of how well a person has done when they are given a loan or any debt.  Pay your bills on time for years upon years, and you should see it reflect on your score.  There are many other factors when it comes to a credit score.  Ready to find out where you stand?  Here are the Free Options to consider today!

  1. Credit Sesame – Get a Transunion report plus identity theft insurance notification
  2. Credit Karma – Quite similar to Sesame offering two credit sources, TransUnion and Equivax (Equifax), however no theft insurance
  3. Credit Cards – Many Credit Cards like Discover IT provides Social Security Issue Notifications and a Free FICO Score (Barclaycard Arrival Plus has a Free FICO Score also)

Generally speaking, each credit reporting company offers different values, you may see a higher FICO score but a lower Equivax, or vice versa.  For those reaching past a 720 FICO score, you should be in good standing, and for many cases, a score of 675-800 will get you most loans or credit cards, but keep in mind all financial institutions utilize credit scores differently!



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