Ways to Save at Kohl’s

Department stores seem to be disappearing these days with advances in new online shopping technologies.  That hasn’t stopped one retailer:  Kohl’s Department Stores.  Emerging in the mid 90’s Kohl’s has become an affordable alternative to the department store shopping aura of JCPenney and Macy’s.  Hosting products from clothing, all the way to HDTVs Kohl’s has products you want to buy but at a discounted price.  Many of its loyal shoppers already know that saving at Kohl’s is an interactive and effortless experience.

From clipping the occasional 20% Off coupon to shopping for clearance type items, there are still many ways to save at the retail giant.  Here are a few of them:

Coupon / Promo Codes

Kohl’s produces a ton of coupon codes; in fact, it’s the number one producer of online shopping codes that you can place at checkout online and in store.  It’s surely a part of their marketing, and it’s worked for the most part.  For some, you may not realize that you can do what is called stacking these coupons.  Stacking means you can add more than just one coupon at checkout.  Most shopping stores do not use stacking, but Kohl’s does!

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    Stacking Example: Sandy entered in HOLIDAYHOST for a discount Chair, but also to her surprise also added the code SAVE20 for an additional 20% OFF

    Lowest Priced Item Check?  Here’s How!

    You can easily find how item’s lowest price by finding those little price tag screens and looking for a small black square in the corner.  By doing so, you’ll find the lowest price on that product no matter if it’s Black Friday, clearance, or just another Sunday.

    See the square?

    Price Matching + Coupons

    Kohl’s offers a generous price matching service although they can’t match the online prices or wholesale clubs, you can still use Kohl’s Cash plus other coupons to not only match but get a discount on the products of interest.

    Price Change Refunds and Matching

    So we’ve already written about Earny a few times, the app the will automatically get you price change refunds.  At Kohl’s you can do this manually by tracking the total should a newer coupon come out!  Yes, you can apply new coupons to previous purchases to get money back!  We recommend a quick look the rules for Price Changes here.

    Shopping Clearance

    Clearance items are already marked down up to 90%, but you can also use coupons on these products as well.  Coupons are mostly what separates the Kohl’s experience from other retail department stores, definitely, take advantage of them when you can!

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