Let’s all go to the Movies!

Going to the movie theater with your family eating a large popcorn with a cup of soda is an American pastime.  With several movies hitting past 90% approval rating on RottenTomatoes.com this summer, it is easy to forget the cost of going to a single movie, because once you look in your wallet, you may have spent at least $50 on the experience.  Before heading out this winter season to see some flicks, here are some tips

Eight Ways to Save at the Movie Theater

  1. If you often go to the movie theater, get a Sinemia subscription.  Order the pass and sync up your app to the movies you want to watch, they just recently opened up their $10 a month option!
  2. Order your tickets online at Fandango or ATOM Tickets to save time and impulse buying. Deals from Fandango and ATOM Tickets, sometimes offer Buy One Ticket Get One Free!  Plus, in many locations, you can pick your seat so that you have the right viewing angle.
  3. Check Groupon and see if there is a local theater with a deal.  Often there will be a local movie theater that offers a steep discount through the popular discount site.
  4. Hungry?  Go out to eat before hitting up the movies.  Some chains may even offer a dinner and a movie deal! Applebee’s dinner for two and tickets for two deal is found on Amazon! Plus, you can ask for a courtesy cup of water (or bring in your cup).  Go even further, and you can try to bring in your goodies if you can.  
  5. Want to avoid crowds?  Go to a morning movie, and save a few bucks.  Morning matinee’s often catered to younger children as well, and some even offer playgrounds inside them. (Buzzfeed)
  6. Join the Movie Theater’s rewards program like AMC’s Stub Rewards.  You’ll discover free tickets, and discounts on food as long as you keep going to the same theater chain.
  7. Are you a student or a senior citizen?  Most movies offer discounts for both!  Save up to 50% just by showing your ID!
  8. Make sure to Avoiding IMAX or 3D options can save you big time.

Don’t fret, despite this; the movies are still an excellent choice for a day or night out, you just need to follow these simple tips.

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