Save on your Wedding Planning

When it’s comes time for your wedding, it will no doubt be one of the most expensive events you’ll be a part of.  Whether you have help from your parents, or in-laws to be, wedding planning is incredibly stressful because of the finances involved.  Here are ways to alleviate some of the stress.

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The new way to book professionals, Thumbtack is your primary solution to finding DJs, Photographers, Videographers, Priests, Rabbis, you name it.   Just enter in your project and have vendors bid on them, it’s that simple.  Reviews, Business information, and plenty of suppliers are provided on each professional that bids on your wedding projects.


This website is dedicated to helping you find handmade goods like cards, gifts, groomsmen gifts, bridesmaid gifts, and much more.

Gentlemen’s Box

Hosting a bachelor party?  Go to this site to help you find some unique groomsmen gifts for a decent price.

Local Courthouse

If you do not plan on having a big wedding, go to the courthouse and get your marriage certificate and call it a day.  Many people have done this, and there is nothing wrong with only being married without a significant event


A headache for groom, but this website would help brides find unique ways to make their special day even better

UBER Events

Planning transportation to and from hotels to venues, or something along those lines?  Look to UBER Events to take care of this! This feature from UBER goes unnoticed but could be a real life saver for those who are planning transportation.  Essentially, the service acts as a one stop place for wedding hosts to purchase UBER passes to and from an event.

Wedding Blogs

Don’t have a wedding planner or looking for ideas?  Here are some great wedding blogs that you can look for inspiration:

It’s easy to save money during your wedding planning, just don’t fall into the trap of keeping up with your friends and family.


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