Welcome Back to School – Top Retailers to Head to

School supplies are a headache for parents.  For the first few weeks, it’s like a game of trial and error.  You may load your children up with the best supplies around but then find out you’ll never need them, or they go unused sitting in your kid’s room taking up even more room.  It’s better to be safe than sorry, you don’t want to send your kids without any supplies altogether, so we’ve found some good deals abound on the internet.

Welcome Back to School…Specials!

In many states there are Tax-Free weeks where a prospective student could save on tax, temporarily that is. The thing is, you still may not get the best deals on products so even if you are saving 6%-7% on supplies you still may not get the best deal out there.

Amazon – Prime

For online shoppers, it’s the obvious go-to place when it comes to buying stuff.  But did you know that Amazon has a special section for Back to School supplies?  Find deal ideas like:

  • Particular Grade Level
  • Backpacks at a hefty discount
  • Girls Themed Supplies
  • Boys Themed Supplies
  • or “Off to College” and score sweet College Supplies

Target.com – Ship to Store

Much like Amazon, Target is a place for deals.  Use your REDcard and score 5% off everything!  Add the fact that some states are tax-free at certain points and you’ll save quite a bit in comparison to Amazon.  Deals can be found in these categories:

  • School Uniforms
  • Casual School Clothing
  • Paper and related goods
  • Backpacks

Remeber to use the Cartwheel app for additional savings!  We know several more ways to save at Target!

Sites You (Probably) Have Not Heard of

Okay so you’ve heard of Target and Amazon, but have you heard of these places with Back to School specials?

  • Hollar.com
  • DollarTree
  • Jo-ann Fabrics
  • 6PM (Great deals on Backpacks)

Back to School Shopping


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