What is a VPN? Free Trials Inside!

With all of the internet in-security these days, it’s nice to be protected from potential hackers, trackers, and such.  Installing Virus software is one way of doing this, although it dramatically slows down your computer and device, and most companies have already preloaded your device with excellent anti-virus software installed.  Another way to protect your identity and internet usage is to look into a Virtual Private Network or VPN for short.

What Is the a Virtual Private Network and What Does it Do?

VPNs essentially reroute your IP address, or your internet location (in lamens terms), to another location.  No this does not mean you will be billed from Comcast or RCN at a different site, all this means is that your current internet connection is rerouted for more privacy.

You can reroute via VPN to other countries even, to access certain products like NFL Gameday (A European version of the Sunday Ticket) or Netflix Europe.

cat everywhere
Be like this cat, with a VPN

Why Would I Need a VPN?

VPNs are a great way to avoid ad specific cookies and trackers so that your information won’t be saved.  If you think about it, all of the ads these days track your location, in addition to other actions.  By rerouting via a VPN, your location would be void in these ads, and therefore your position isn’t tracked for commercials and other media.  Another reason people choose to utilize VPNs is that your internet usage, for business and personal use is way more private by using a VPN.

Free VPN Trials

To start using a VPN, you’ll need to download the software capable of doing these types of rerouting.  It’s a small footprint on your device, plus there are many cheap ones or even free ones that will work if you need extra privacy here and there!

  • Windscribe – Free 2GB Every Month (10GB if you confirm Email!)
  • NordVPN – No Free Trial Here $11.95/MO (A+ Rated VPN Company)
  • Hide.me – Similiar to Windscribe (2GB included)
  • Express VPN (30 Day Money Back Guarantee 3 Months Free with Annual Purchase)


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