Where Can I Cash a Check Besides the Bank?

Cashing a check is usually a simple process that involves a check, your presence, and a bank. But when you need the third ingredient, things can get a little complicated. If you, for some reason, do not have a checking account or any bank account, there are some options available to get your money without the use of a bank.

Excuse me check

Gather your papers

If you have two identifications, it would be ideal. To collect a check without a bank account, people want to make sure you are who you say you are. Some accepted ID cards can be a military service ID, a driver’s license, a photo credit card or a passport. Some banks or check deposit sites may even want to see a valid credit card; they will want to have some form of tracking if something goes wrong.

Look at the check in your hand

What bank does it belong to? If there is a local branch available, you will be lucky. You can go to the nearest branch, and they should have no problem in allowing you to cash it. They will be able to verify the legitimacy of the signature and the availability of funds in the account. If the bank is not familiar to you, try to search it on the Internet. If there were no local branches, you still have some options to try:

Call the bank to which the check belongs and ask two questions

  • Do you have a local affiliate bank where you can cash your check without problems?
  • Is it possible to charge a check without a bank account even if you do not have affiliated banks near your home?

If the answer is no, ask them if they could verify the funds for a cash collection service if you went to their branch. The answers to these two questions should guide you on what the next steps are. If you have a local affiliate bank, go there. Otherwise, you should go to the nearest cash collection service center.

Perform a search on the Internet or look in the Yellow Pages for cash collection centers

They may charge a minimum fee and require a contract, but being able to get the money in your hand without the need for a bank account will make it worthwhile.  Stores like “The Check Cashing Store” or “Ace Checking” or perhaps even the local grocery store like Publix or Krogers are bound to be local options but will charge you numerous fees.

Yellow Pages for Check Cashing


Always remain polite and courteous to employees, even if they tell you that they are not able to cash your check, they are only making sure you and the person who issued the check are safe. It may turn out that working with a particular bank is a positive experience. If this happens to you, express your interest, and they may be able to help you if you agree to leave the funds on deposit for a few days.


Some places for check cashing may also require a fingerprint. Once again, do not forget to never sign any contract without fully understanding what exactly it is.

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