Superhero Quiz – Which Hero or Villain Are You?

Your financial habits often shape the way you do your job or interact with others.  In the fictional world, it’s the same way in a sense.  For comic books and movies, each superhero or villain represents good, evil, right, or wrong in their own sort of way.  Sometimes it’s debatable if a villain is actually a villain it all!  Take the following quiz to see who you mostly represent when it comes to heroes or villainy. (Results are based on fictional works and not real life)

Which Villain or Superhero are you?!

Here we go

...and "Here We Go"

When you see a friend struggling with money

1. You offer some words of encouragement
2. You offer them money and advice
3. You tell them that this is all just part of life's plan
4. You ignore them, but then secretly send them money

Uh oh, Wayne Industry's Stock just dropped...

1. Time to invest big time in the stock
2. You cut your losses and move on
3. You sell a few shares but stay loyal for a while longer
4. You stay put, the stock will turn around soon enough

Someone lied and made you buy an illegal investment

1. You hire Matt Murdock, Esq.
2. The investment sounds fun, why not see what it does
3. You turn yourself into authorities and do not point fingers
4. Buy the company you invested in and make it legal

You see something for sale that appeals to you

1. Only if it's on Amazon
2. Only if it's something on sale
3. You already have 5 of products listed for sale
4. You're not materialistic and completly ignore the sale

Someone stole your wallet while going for walk

1. You find them and bring them to proper authority
2. You get angry and get too stressed to figure out what to do
3. You find the person and call the police to have them take care of it
4. Your wallet is just for fashion, all of it is digitized and you don't worry at all

All 5 questions completed!

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...and "Here We Go"

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