Write with us

We’re always in the field for qualified posts on the MoneyHax.com website.  For those who have interest in posting an article fill out the form below.  You can even write the whole article and put it in the form.

There are a few rules when it comes to our posts:

  1. Must be original content
  2. Have something to do with saving, earning, or investing money in a unique way
  3. Have potential for affiliate or advertising partnerships (This relationship will belong to MoneyHax)
  4. You may link to your blog in the article, but MoneyHax takes ownership of the post once it is published
  5. Email: Todd @ MoneyHax (DOT) com

BETAMake Money by Writing with Us!

Like writing and want to use MoneyHax as a platform for your posts?  We are testing out user-submitted articles that earn commissions through our own affiliate links.  Getting started is simple:

  • Provide Article Idea(s) dealing with saving, earning, or investing
  • We’ll provide you with affiliate link(s) if applicable
  • Submit Post(s) for Review
    • 400 Word Minimum
    • Must be Native English Writer
  • Should a user end up buying through your article get 50% Commission Generated from the Article
  • For commission to valid, we must be able to track that a user has clicked exactly from your article, if not we assume full commission

EMAIL: Todd @ MoneyHax . Com and write how you are interested in this opportunity


Question: How do you track if someone has clicked on my article?

Answer:  There is something called a Referring URL. Should someone have clicked the applicable affiliate link, there should be no reason there is no referring URL.  If there is a blank URL it is not tracking to your article.  This depends totally on the tracking of the link itself and the affiliate tracking software behind it (We do not operate)

Question: How are we paid

Answer:  Once we have provided you with a login to write posts we can communicate on where you’d like to be paid out to.  We do take out taxes since we are likely to assume the taxes incurred on the commissions involved.