What are Torrents? And How To Use Them…

Torrent refers to a computer file that contains metadata holding various information. It is now one of the most popular modes of downloading files used and liked by numerous people across the world. It is the current peer-to-peer file sharing where multiple people contribute towards the downloading of data from torrent.  Allowing downloading of files, software, movies, videos and many more, the torrent has certainly made its mark in getting beloved by most of the students of universities and colleges across the globe.

What is a Torrent – More In Depth

Torrent files usually come with the extension .torrent and does not contain actual content to be distributed. However, some of the software like Bit Torrent used this information and used to download the files to the personal computers. With torrent having millions of files in their database, many users end up downloading copyrighted files, which makes it illegal in some countries for use. However, it is not entirely unsafe for use and can be of great benefit when used wisely.

Legal Torrent Downloading

Several websites are there which allows downloading of torrent files at ease. While the Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents are the most popular ones, but due to increase in such copyright issues, several new websites are launched where you can download torrent files legally at ease. Torrent download takes place in fragments where the full content is downloaded in the fraction of bits which can be reassembled to form full content.

Be Sure to Download Safe Files!

Public Domain Torrents, Internet Archive, Legit Torrents, Vuze StudioHD Network, Linux Tracker, Jamendo, Vodo, Etree, Academic torrents and more are some of the torrent websites which allows you to access several contents depending on their domain. Such sites will enable you to access legal torrents with a dynamic platform to download them. Several categories of same content would be available in the torrent, make sure you download the one with more seeds to get a faster download of such files as more seeds refer to more number of computers having the same data. Every content is freely available in torrents categorized in their respective fields, and you can access each of them freely without any hassle.

ZbigZ – The Free Torrent Client

ZbigZ is a free torrent client that runs in a web browser, and no software is needed externally for downloading any torrent files from ZbigZ. ZbigZ is ad-supported but helps to maintain privacy in your downloads with a hidden IP address. It also lets you pause and resume your downloads while downloading your files allowing you provide effective usage. Just put your torrent link, upload a torrent file or upload magnet link and download your files in a single click. You don’t need to register to ZbigZ for downloading your files or even upload or seed any files. However, if you have any personal account over ZbigZ, you can keep all your torrents at one place. You can also download your files in bulk through it. ZbigZ works with all the browsers, and you can even use it in your mobile phones and allows downloading any file within 1GB. ZbigZ is undoubtedly the best downloading website for accessing any torrent file from any of the browsers.

With its dynamic feature, ZbigZ has undoubtedly made its mark in downloading without facing any torrent traffic just because it runs like any other HTTP download. It’s entirely online feature makes it valuable as any of the ISPs does not control it.

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