How the Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite paid for our vacation

As a family, we decided to take a trip 300 miles north to Seaworld Orlando.  While some of you are against the theme park that has little to do with the actual point here. We only paid $50 out of pocket So how did we do such a thing and can you do this as […]

Instant Home Insurance for $30 a month

There’s a new company that is rising in popularity and rightfully so.  Lemonade, a certified B-CORP, is an insurance company that operates much like a social insurance company.  They have an app that allows you to instantly chat with an associate and give you competitive insurance rates. Their rates are low due to being fully […]

Are you a writer? Grammarly has you covered

It’s hard to stay focused on punctuation and spelling these days, with short codes and slang you mine as well write in short hand.  But, if you take your writing seriously you should consider an app called Grammarly.  This amazing app hooks up with a few applications to help you succeed in writing. You can […]

Could Groceries Online Save Money?

My month long experiment ordering groceries online with tips, service fees and a little up-charging on products is about to be over.  However, we may just end up continuing our trend of ordering online.   Instacart and Shipt, two grocery ordering companies require freelance drivers to deliver…this tends to drive the average price of the grocery […]

New Discover Card Feature: Social Security Alerts

Discover cards are not the most rewarding cards in the market, though they do have some decent perks like their 5% cash back card (on certain categories).  They also have additional side perks like FICO scores and their own cash back portal with unique offers. This week they introduced a newer feature that may entice those […]

Invest in Real Estate…for a little as you’d like

In the sharing economy, investing strategies has also evolved into a more diverse area.  You can invest in other people’s loans via Prosper or Lending Club.  Now you can also invest in a higher yield real estate loan for as little as you’d like. is a platform that allows you to invest in other […]

Have an RV? Rent it out

Airbnb isn’t the only home sharing service that allows an average homeowner to rent out rooms for extra cash. If you arent comfortable renting out your home, but you have an RV that sits outside…you can easily rent it out using Outdoorsy. Earn some great cash if you live in a rural area with a […]

Explore fitness classes by using ClassPass

Since we’re already in the sharing economy, why does this not yet apply to the Gym and Fitness world? Well, thanks to our friends at ClassPass, you can now explore many great fitness activities within your area for one monthly subscription.  It’s fairly easy to get signed up, and you’ll note all of the activities […]