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Have you ever scanned through Pinterest and Google, and found actual Bloggers who have created fortunes blogging? Can you really make up to $100,000 per month writing about stuff?  It seems like a pipedream, but people do make fabulous lifestyles by starting blogs.  But let me be clear first…these bloggers that advertise their earnings from blogging is a tool to convince you to buy website hosting through them.  Why?  See below…

marketing loophole in hostingSo yeah…many of the bloggers that promote, “I made $xxx per month with my blog” make loads of cash through blog hosting platforms.  i.e. BlueHost, Hostgator, WPEngine and more.   This is typically done when you check out their site and are convinced that you can start a blog and then end up buying a hosting plan through them.  While many commissions vary…these guys can expect to make $80-$100 per sale!  This, in turn, is how they make a lot of that money.

Sadly, I’m a pessimist…I really do believe that 99% of the people who tend to buy hosting from these blogs end up just dying after a year anyway.  So when it’s all said and done, they paid nearly $100 and the blogger ended up getting it.  I’m here to tell you…we do things different ’round here.  But more on that later.

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One blogger, which is the king in the space, gets most of their money recommeding Bluehost, a hosting service THEY DONT EVEN USE!  That’s because if they recommended their own service that they used, it would commission a lot less.  Here’s the proof.  Check out the commission offered from Bluehost (a fairly average hosting service).

bluehost affiliate bountyNow check out the commissions they earn if they were to refer people to the hosting company they actually use: BigScoots.

Before you get excited… 90% of the first sale is likely $34.99, or $31.50 (aka not $90)

I even did my own research into this and found this blogger’s servers to be hosted by BigScoots…not Bluehost.  Sadly this means that this blogger has earned millions convincing people to buy a hosting service they don’t use, showboating trips around the world in their sea vessel and remote lifestyle.  Yeah…not cool at all.

Going even deeper.  My own background is in Affiliate Marketing.  This means I’m usually aware of new commission based programs out there, and have even worked with some of these bloggers that make top money.  This is definitely their business model…and frankly it’s time to be more transparent in the blogging world because others have copied this blogger’s model in hopes of replication…and some have succeeded, while the countless bloggers have not.

So how are we different?  The information just below here will tell you how to start a blog but what we really want to offer you is a way to earn money back when you purchase hosting through us.  Okay, so remember that blogger who makes an buttload of cash through web hosting commissions?  Well, we give a signficant portion back to you using our own in-house technology.  (yes, I’m a geek and have found a way to do this successfully)

Essentially you could be one of two people in the whole “oh yeah let me start a blog because this blogger convinced me:”

  1. Buy a year of BlueHost and give the other blogger $80-$120 per sale (possibly more)
  2. Buy a year of multiple options below and have one option actually give you $80 in return

As a bonus, if you end up being absolutely shitty at blogging, there’s one option that ends up paying you around $10 to $15 for starting a blog when it’s all said and done. So hey, no harm no foul in that instance.

Honestly, we’re just making the other guys look bad at this point.  So now let’s hop into the boring technical shit:

Step 1:  Getting your own hosting means your brand identity

By getting hosting instead of the free blogging software that nobody uses anymore, you’ll have your own Email Address, Website Domain Name, and Faster Processing.

A domain is essentially your brand name.  For example:


You’ll find that HostPapa has a number of plans best for what you need.  For instance, many bloggers and potential website owners don’t have their domain registered yet.  HostPapa offers a Free Domain with a purchase of their annual plan.

Pricing is advertised as a monthly bill, yet you can only pay annually.  Yeah, so don’t really look too much into what you’ll see up front here.

You’ll notice that the space available on your site is much bigger than what you’d get at some other sites.  This is one of the perks of HostPapa!  Though you don’t see it, you do also get an SSL certificate installed.  But to be sure, always check with customer support and let them know you want it installed properly (chat can do this)!

What You’ll Really Pay…

Let’s say you already host a domain somewhere and you want to use that one.  You’re in luck!  That’ll save you on most hosting services, HostPapa included.  But first, let’s imagine that you’ll be wanting a brand new domain included in your annual hosting plan (Basic)

Looks like you’ll be paying $61 for your hosting service.  If you chose not to accept Domain Privacy Protection.  So, what exactly is that?  This will enable your information to be publicized.  Trust us, you don’t want your information public to all those spammers who will want to sell you on unnecessary services like $200 graphic design.

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Step 2: Learn WordPress

I’ll spare you the details here but WordPress is the software where you’ll be doing the writing.  It’s easy to use and can be set up right after you get hosting.  Really I could go on a bit more here but mess around with the platform and see how it works for you.

The clear thing you’ll need starting a blog is an idea for content…the other stuff involved in merely a connector and not that important in my opinion.  Oh and by the way if you aren’t starting a blog and need a website for your business, the cashback we offer still may apply to you!

Step 3:  Learn Affiliate Marketing

If you want to monetize your blog and you have no clue what Affiliate Marketing is, you’re in luck. We’ve dedicated most of our site to simplifying Affiliate Marketing so much that anyone can understand what it means, and how to apply it to business and life.  Also, I hate to bring up the Talented Mr. BlueHost Millionaire again, but that blog also charges an fuckton for their blog course on Affiliate Marketing.  Yes, not only do they refer you to a service they don’t use but now they are charging you for free information…by someone not professionally involved in Affiliate Marketing, just someone who figured out a massive marketing loophole that sucked you in…(okay, I’m ranting)

So, what is Affiliate Marketing?

History shows that Affiliate Marketing has been around since the commerce world has started.  Sure, it’s entirely different today, but the gist of it remains.

Let’s say Caveman A brings a Tasty Treat to his tribe and Caveman B is impressed by the quality of the treat.  If Caveman B goes and successfully hunts for the Tasty Treat, Caveman A should have been rewarded for finding the Treat, to begin with.

Of course, Cavemen didn’t always share, but if there were a reward behind it, that would necessarily be a commission or compensation for showing the way to get to the Tasty Treat.  Affiliate Marketing works very similarly.

Technology and Referring People to Stuff

As a society, we’ve always been referring people to goods and services for as recorded history began.  Whether it’s trendy clothing, food, or cleaning services that act of compensating the person that can connect the dots is what is somewhat new.  And now, because the internet is all about connecting through links and social media, we can measure affiliate marketing and referrals down to the T.  Thus the growth of the Affiliate Marketing world.

caveman trade

Affiliate tracking itself has been around for nearly 20+ years now by utilizing powerful networks, to standalone software.  Things haven’t changed much though so the guts remain the same since Affiliate Marketing’s inception.

Here’s how things work in general…

  1. The Affiliate Program has the technology capable of tracking commission
  2. Blogger / Influencer gets approved for Affiliate Program links (like the ones we have!)
  3. When a potential customer clicks these sorts of links, a tracking cookie is dropped
  4. Should the reader end up buying – Blogger / Influencer gets a commission

About cookies:  Nothing other than the IP address is typically tracked, so no need to worry about personal information like Credit Cards and such.

Affiliate Commissions

There have been many breakthroughs in the affiliate world, but one major thing remains.  Using your approved Affiliate links are the guts of what you need to make money.  When you are accepted by an Affiliate Program, you’ll be able to extract these Links (aka Tracking Affiliate Links).

When you share these links with your readers, and they end up clicking them, Cookies will then show the clicker’s ID so that everyone knows whos coming into the site.  Should a reader buy through the link, you’ll be rewarded with a commission.

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What does this mean?  You need to share affiliate links with your readers to make money.  Bloggers do this strategically through:

  • Creative Content
  • Social Media (Pinterest is approved for it)
  • Messaging
  • Hundreds of other creative ways!!

Bloggers that can creatively write and place affiliate links are the ones able to make large incomes through this aspect.

Did you know: Large sites like Nerdwallet, The Penny Hoarder, Krazy Coupon Lady, and all use Affiliate links?

Step 3: Apply to get Affiliate links

There are about 5 major Affiliate Networks within the USA and dozens more internationally.  So one of the major pain points of becoming an affiliate marketer is finding the right programs that fit your following because there are so many darn networks!

  • ShareASale
  • CJ
  • Rakuten Advertising
  • Impact
  • TradeDoubler
  • AWIN
  • Avantlink
  • TUNE
  • Cake
  • Everflow
  • My neighbor’s pet cat

These are just a few!  But honestly, if you have questions just comment below.

Enough with the jargon… are you ready to start that blog? Let’s have you earn money back by starting one!

Here’s how this section works:

  1. Sign up below and become eligible
  2. Earn cashback by using the “cashback” button (becomes visible on this page when logged in)
  3. If you end up purchasing by using the cashback button, you’ll get each advertised earnings

  Sign Up or Login to get access

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find a hosting service below that fits your needs
  2. Come here and login to your account
  3. Use this page to find cashback offers and click on the offer you want
  4. Buy hosting service and get advertised cashback
Please enter your domain.
Please verify that you are not a robot.


Additional terms and conditions:

  • Squarespace cashback must involve first payment (not the trial version)
  • Envato Marketplace cashback is given when you add credit to your Envato Marketplace account
  • Canva cashback is for paid subscriptions only
  • Cashback is a one-time reward for new customers only

For more information on eligibility and requirements, please see our terms and conditions page.  Also, if you really want Bluehost or any other host… we can put that on here too 🙂  We have hundreds of partners that give us a commission, we take these commissions and split them with you, should you successfully refer customers or earn cashback.  Thats the gist of this offer.  Also we do have other merchants that offer cashback just like Ebates and Topcashback so feel free to comment below requesting it or contact us for any additional info.

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